Bopping Heads Videos



One of the most requested form of Event Entertainment!  You almost have to see it to believe it! 

The virtual aspect of Bopping Heads allows the guest to be a star of his video. It works on green screen technology, and superimposes the guest head onto a dancing body. I have over 800 videos from various genres. I have an assortment of props, such as sunglasses, wigs, fake noses, and masks guests can wear during the video. The guest become the star of their video.

Up to four people at a time sit in front of the camera"Bopping their Heads" to make dance heads videos to thousands of available songs*!  Our exclusive Dance Heads Videos Digital system can also capture the performance, which can be then transferred on to DVD instantly with No wait time. Each participant takes home a recorded DVD of their bopping heads session, and client gets a master DVD of all recordings from the event.

From smaller more intimate celebrations to larger corporate gatherings we will make your next event come alive.

This is a full service rental, and comes with an attendant operator, and a deluxe props package, with all sorts of funky and designer hats, glasses, costumes, etc.,

Wherever it’s booked this fun entertainment creates an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from event guests. No one has ever seen anything like it!

Join the latest entertainment craze

No Talent Required!

FAST! - Takes 2 Minutes

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