Green Screen F.A.Q

what do you do?

Your guests stand in front of our backdrops  with green screen technology to create a theme behind them to match your brand or theme. The photos can then be printed out and handed to the guests. We can even project the photos on to a large screen.


how much notice do I need to give you?

The more notice we have the better, as it gives us a chance to secure the photographer on your chosen day, however we do appreciate that sometimes you won't have the luxury of time. If we are available, and have the equipment and supplies in stock, then it may be possible to attend your event with as little as two days notice.


what do we need to prepare for your arrival?

The minimum space required is 10' x 10'  however if you have less than this please contact us so we can work out how to accommodate you. We will need a double power socket and preferably one 6 x 3 foot table to set up our equipment on. A couple of chairs for our staff and people waiting to have photographs taken would be useful. To ensure that we have enough time to setup, we would need a clear area out of direct sunlight but protected from the wind and rain.


can I order prints after the event?

Yes, in addition to printouts on the night, your photos will be available online for purchase within 48 hours of the event taken place.


what is the largest event you can accommodate?

We can easily cater for up to 1000 guests, however for larger functions or corporate events we will be able to bring in more staff to cater for you.


can I have prints right away?

The prints will be available within just seconds of having the photo taken.