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Green Screen Photography

Green Screen is a cool technology that has been used in Hollywood and weather forecasters for years. This technology is quite simple. It allows for companies to take still or video's in front of a blue or green screen and then cut out the image to super impose a background of their choice.

How does Green Screen work?

Pixealo will come to your event, photograph guests in front of a green screen and then our computer software cuts out the subjects and places them instantly in a themed background of your choice. Within 12 seconds your guests will receive a color photograph with a themed background of their choice.

Are you hosting a safari themed party? 60's party? Wizard of Oz or other themed party? No matter what themed event you are hosting Pixealo can customize a background suitable for your event. Options are endless!

In addition we can customize your photographs with the events name, date and logo if you prefer at no extra charge!


  • Instant prints in less than 10 seconds 

  • Social media engagement through instant photo sharing

  • Offer multiple backgrounds/themes at your event

  • Choose a theme/background to match your event

  • Our arts team will custom design backgrounds unique to your theme or brand

  • Corporate logo and tag lines branded on photos

  • We work with you to create a design to suit your specific needs

Create the perfect event experience with a green screen solution. This option is a fun and interactive way for consumers to engage with your brand or as added entertainment at your private or social function. With the ability to superimpose guests into custom designed backgrounds, these booths produce the most unique keepsake available, ensuring your brand and identity are retained long after the initial impression.