Photo Booth Services

We are proud of being one of the first three companies to provide videobooth and photobooth service in Puerto Rico. You can select any of our different setups for Photo Booth service. Pixealo provide our clients the best customer service, highest quality photos and videos, most fun, interactive photobooth & videobooth rentals available in Puerto Rico. Our photo booths  will be a different option to provide a lot of fun to your event guests. We are available for Weddings, Corporate Events, Sweet 16, Quinceaneras, Anniversaries, Proms, Birthdays and any other event where you want something fun and innovative.

Classic Style Photo Booth

This is the most requested Photo Booth. With the same quality as all our Photo Booth this is a classic Style closed Photo Booth. 

  • Fits up to 4-6 people seating inside the booth.
  • 45 minutes setup.
  • 2 Staff will be attening the booth.

"Open Photo Booth"

Instead of guests having to line up with only a box to stare at, they can watch the fun going on, and get involved by shouting suggestions or jumping into the shot. It's the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Its unique open-air set up is designed for party life, and is much more inclusive and entertaining than traditional booths. 

The Photo Cube 

Great for Indoor use where you want to make a wow factor.  Easy to set up and take down. It takes about 5 minutes. Changing led lights colors to match your event mood and decoration.

The Led Wall

Easy to set up and take down. It takes about 5 minutes. Changing led lights colors to match your event mood and decoration.

We provide different Photo Booth setups to match your event.

Different Background Options

Photo Layout options



Why we are your best choice ?

Private Web Gallery - We provide all our clients with a private web gallery free of charge for an entire year! You can view and share all of the photos from your event. You and your guests will be able to order enlargements and other great products as well.

Professional Quality - From the beginning, we set out to develop photo booths that produce the highest quality images possible, even on par with portrait studios. Our photo booths employ professional studio lighting equipment, high quality digital cameras and true photo quality printers to produce the best quality results imaginable.

Unlimited Prints - All of our rentals include unlimited photo booth sessions. Each session could takes up to four pictures which are then printed in seconds on a single 4x6 index print for your guests to keep.  

Photo DVD of All Images - We do not retain exclusive copyrights to your images. We provide you with high resolution files of the 4-up prints and each individual photo on a DVD so that you may print and share your pictures whenever and wherever.

Customize It -We offer a choice of different background colors including red, blue, brown, and hot pink. You can also include a custom message, logo, or graphics on the prints your guests receive free of charge.

Options for the Photo Booth

-Guest Book with the duplicate strips from each of your guests! 


  • Custom branded pull up banner
  • Custom branded presentation folders
  • Custom branded photo
  • Custom branded classic photo booth (user interface and wrap around)
  • Custom branded modular photo booth ( user interface and wrap around )
Very helpful and responsible. Best price!!! Lots of hats and friends loved it and talked about it for like a month!!!

Green Screen Photography

Green Screen is a cool technology that has been used in Hollywood and weather forecasters for years. This technology is quite simple. It allows for companies to take still or video's in front of a blue or green screen and then cut out the image to super impose a background of their choice.

How does Green Screen work?

Pixealo will come to your event, photograph guests in front of a green screen and then our computer software cuts out the subjects and places them instantly in a themed background of your choice. Within 12 seconds your guests will receive a color photograph with a themed background of their choice.

Are you hosting a safari themed party? 60's party? Wizard of Oz or other themed party? No matter what themed event you are hosting Pixealo can customize a background suitable for your event. Options are endless!

In addition we can customize your photographs with the events name, date and logo if you prefer at no extra charge!


  • Instant prints in less than 10 seconds 

  • Social media engagement through instant photo sharing

  • Offer multiple backgrounds/themes at your event

  • Choose a theme/background to match your event

  • Our arts team will custom design backgrounds unique to your theme or brand

  • Corporate logo and tag lines branded on photos

  • We work with you to create a design to suit your specific needs

Create the perfect event experience with a green screen solution. This option is a fun and interactive way for consumers to engage with your brand or as added entertainment at your private or social function. With the ability to superimpose guests into custom designed backgrounds, these booths produce the most unique keepsake available, ensuring your brand and identity are retained long after the initial impression.

The service is great and they were very interested in satisfying our needs. Commitment to what they do is a key factor in their success.
We enjoyed our pictures as well as our guests. They really fulfill our expectations of this special event.

Step and Repeat Photography / Red Carpet Events

What is Step and Repeat Photography ?

The term originates from two sources. The first is the action of having talent "step" onto the red carpet, pose for the photographers and leave, while the next person follows and "repeats" the process. The second source originates from graphic designers that would create an image and repeat it in Photoshop. Overall, it refers to a wall that has sponsors logos on it for the purposes of advertising and capturing photos of celebrity or noteworthty people to be used in media outlets in film, television, magazines and websites.

Step repeats for events are available in virtually any style and, with the ability to customize your own design, you can create a unique backdrop that showcases whatever it is that best suits your function or event. Whether it’s a logo, a specific colour scheme, a photo and/or text, a custom step repeat ensures that your backdrop will set the mood or send the message you need it to.

We can rent the system and also having a printing station giving a print just in seconds to your guests.


Contact us to get a quote for your event.

The Photo Station was a huge hit at our event and the staff were great to work with.

Photo Station and On Site Printing

Photo Station with On-Site Instant Printing is a great product for just about any occasion. Whether its for a corporate event; charity; school fundraiser; birthday or anniversary celebration; golf tournament; wedding reception or convention On-Site Instant Printing is priceless!

PIXELO will come to the event; photograph guests at a designated area; and instantly print 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 color photographs. Our state of the art commercial grade dye-sublimation printers print photographs every 9 seconds. This makes for a great take away gift or a way to say thank you for coming to the event.

In addition client logo or sponsorship logo along with the events name and date can be imprinted on the photos at no extra charge. We also provide inexpensive photo folders where clients can customize the front of the folders with the events logo or plastic sleeves.


The Photo Cube Booth

The Photo Cube is a great option for Indoor use and have it matching your decor with the colorful leds. Easy to set up and take down. Setup time is about 5 minutes. Changing led lights colors to match your event mood and decoration.  




Our curved white inflatable wall is a big hit with the  open style photo booth. LED lights inside the wall can add colorful fun to match your theme.

Pixealo #Hashtag


Easy Steps for Pixealo #hashtag printing

#1 - Guests take photos at your event, edit them, and upload them to Instagram or Twitter.
#2 - Using a unique hashtag, they post the photos to their accounts
#3 - All of your guests photos are automatically or manually printed with custom designs and branding.



It all started when...

Instantly Print all your event guests' social media (Instagram & Twitter) pictures for display.  Prints will be customized with your event's logo, graphics, message or tagline. Your guests can share photos on Instagram or Twitter, with the event's unique hashtag, then find them at our photo station for onsite printing.  We will also provide a custom display and HDTV slideshow of the prints.  Drive more traffic to your Instagram & Twitter pages, and your events hashtag by adding a Hashtag Printer to your event!   

Take it to the next level by adding a roaming photographer, who will snap candid and formal shots of the event's guests, then allow them to share on social media right on the spot! 


  1. Corporate Events: Promote your brand, event's hashtag, Instagram and Twitter pages. 
  2. Weddings: Traditional disposable cameras can be replaced by guest's smartphones.
  3. Proms & birthday parties: Make memorable collages for everyone to see!
  4. Everyone is their own photographer!  

"Roaming Photographer"

Our "Roaming Photographer" service allows you to instantly transmit custom-branded photos from your experience marketing engagement to Facebook, Twitter, or an FTP site in real-time, while your event is going on. The touchpoint can be stationary or mobile.


The process is simple:

  • Develop the custom-branded border for the photos

  • Capture photos of your guests

  • Border is automatically applied

  • Custom-branded photos are transmitted immediately to Facebook, Twitter, or an FTP site 

Pixealo Touch

Paint your photos taken at the event with your fingers like using a huge smart phone right in a 60" LCD TV.  Color in a stencil or apply a clipart stamp. Be creative indoors or outdoors. Photos could be shared in social media pages or printed on just seconds.