Video Booth

We set up our video booth for your guest to make personal video messages. We provide you with one, simple edit, DVD with all the clips on it to enjoy for years to come.  We use Cannon Professional DSLRs to make the videos in HD, not cheep, low quality webcams. The video can be made available for download from a link.




- Keep your memories forever!. Bring your day back to life every time you watch your video !

- So simple to use everyone can easily record their message even the kids and mature people.

- Novelty factor! - make yours the wedding to talk about!

- Capture all the fun of the day in the easiest way imaginable! 

- Great option for your guests in a private way guests leave messages in their own time.


Professional lighting & DSLR set up

1 DVD of all edited video clips

Free posting to your video for viewing/downloading


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